Mar 18, 2021

My first performance on stage


I still remember the day ,when I went first time on the stage and performed in front of a huge crowd . Actually I was selected for Urdu recital from the whole class . I was very happy and I was very proud of my self . I practiced every day and night and tried to build up my confidence . This was my first experience so I was very nervous and happy . At last the Recital Day arrived. I went to the auditorium with the whole grade 3 and the judges . I was prepared but a little nervous .At last my turn came . I went to the stage took my position and began to read my poem . As you know this was my first experience so I forgot some actions and I wasn't able to perform the actions . I was very sad that I couldn't win but I was happy that I built up my confidence. Now I can easily perform on the stage with a huge crowd because now I am stronger than before I had built more confidence than before .

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    Mar 18, 2021 10:30 AM

    Antania Basit


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