Mar 19, 2021

Lion and Zebra escape to the savannah


t"Uhhhgggggggg... I don't wanna be here lion" said Zebra "Where like prisoners that people look at" " ROOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!" "Get over it Zebra" Roared Loin "I like being looked at by humans, but" "What?" said Zebra "I miss my cubs... lets break out, but first we need to make a plan" 20 minutes later... " alright lets do this loin" said Zebra "first step you roar to scare away visitors and the workers" "Alright" said Lion "RRRRROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRR" "lets go Lion" Zebra said while getting out of his cage " we got to catch the truck!!" "oh yea" said Lion stopping " DON'T STOP LION LETS GET THAT TRUCK" yelled Zebra "right" said lion starting to run 10 minutes later... "whew" "we ALMOST missed it Zebra" said Lion " yeah " said Zebra " You got to promise you won't eat me when we get back to the savannah, Lion" "Fine, I promise"

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award a golden quill

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