Mar 21, 2021

The revenge of Wonderland part2


The White Rabbit  stopped to see if Holly was still following him, but she wasn't. She was still in front of  the glass table with her mouth open. She was thinking about her mother, why had she always said to her to never eat candies?. Thinking so she opened the box and found a mini mini mini candy, she looked around she saw a key and a little door. She had been more intelligent then her mother that time, because first she got the key; then the candy and at last she opened the door. The rabbit was impressed, it wasn’t supposed to go like this. So he ran to the twins and said:”Holly will arrive before. She just got out of the door; get ready!”  

Meanwhile in  Alice’s home it was eleven o’clock and the mother was ready to prepare breakfast. Holly’s mum walked up the stairs and saw Holly lying gently on her bed. She saw it like this, but really Holly was running as fast as she could to follow the Rabbit. Alice didn’t suspect that so she walked down the stairs. In her kitchen the mother started to prepare the pancakes; but then she thought about Holly’s school about the meeting with the principal and then she remembered… The next day was Holly’s first day of  Saint Athen school!!!  

Holly had just arrived at the point of the woods where the twins were supposed to meet her. But as always they weren’t there, so Holly continued to run and run as fast as she could through the shiny rivers and on top of the mighty peeks.

When she met someone that was a little strange… it was the Cheshire Cat (or CC) 

When Holly saw it he had half of his body on the tree and the other half in the river.

Alice was really worried about Holly, because today at 14.30 they went to visit the  school!

Chapter 3

Alice wanted everything to be perfect so she prepared Holly’s best clothes and her’s, then she went to buy a chocolate donut for her child and a brioche for her. Time passed as Alice was cleaning up the kitchen; every half an hour she went to see what Holly was doing, but nothing… the girl didn't wake up. It was 13.00 now and lunch was ready, but still the girl lay still in her bed. The mother was really worried now in one hour they had to go and Holly hadn’t even had breakfast

 Holly was impressed; she had never seen a cat like this before. He was different from the others… “Where do you want to go?” asked the cat. That’s what really made the girl think, where was she going? She wanted to go home but she didn’t know how so she asked CC “How do I get home?” “ I’m glad you asked it, well… there is a way, no no it is too difficult…” CC muttered “Just tell me” shouted Holly “Ok Ok; you have to get the pass from the Queen of Hearts.” answered CC and then, he disappeared into thin air.Who is this so-called Queen of Hearts? thought Holly; but when she turned to ask the cat… he was gone.

Meanwhile Alice was going inside Holly’s bedroom when she had the most terrible thought, what if Holly was trapped in Wonderland like she was at her age!!! If that had happened it was the end, so first of all the mother asked for a meeting with the Saint Athen school for the day after then she looked back in the family history book for stuff that could help her free her daughter. Alice didn’t find anything but she remembered that in her case right when the Queen was cutting her head off she suddenly disappeared, but she didn’t know how.

Holly was walking like if she knew the place like the palm of her hand, but really she had no idea of where she was going; so she tried the pathway on the right but she returned to the start so she tried the one on the left but it didn't work so her last hope was the pathway right in front of her, but right when she was going in she saw the White Rabbit making her a sign to follow him; Holly not aware of the danger followed him. He wanted to take her to the Queen’s castle to color the roses and so chop her head off.

Alice was searching everywhere for something that could help her free Holly  but, of course she didn’t find what she needed but she found out that she wasn’t the first one of her family to have been there, really she was the twelfth generation to have been there! “ That isn’t important right now”  thought Alice but then she had the most beautiful idea of all: she would wake Holly up! So she went up in Holly’s room and… nothing happened; then she remembered that Holly was a sleepyhead and so now it was even worse! So Alice got a cooking pan and banged it on Holly’s head and she woke up! 

The End

Wait me for your next adventure!!!!!

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