Mar 30, 2021

MY Little Brother and Big Dragon


My Little brother was naughty and he used to play with me everyday. On that day we were playing hide and seek , i went to by wardrobe and hided , he was running behind me to find the place. i kept quite for sometime he searched everywhere and looked out me in the bathroom. he got stunned and shouted suddenly, i too got scared when he shouted and looked out for him, he was saying there is an big dragon in the pathway, and he said i caught you. then we both went near the big Dragon. The Dragaon was beautiful Majestic we touched it and it was so soft to touch and we wanted to sleep on top of it and tried to sleep on that, when we tried to push and move the dragon, the dragon came along with us and we played with happily, it was so nice to play with dragon. Finally mom came and shouted on us who took the dragon qulit kept for drying. we both ran away from the place leaving the dragon quilt there!!!

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award a golden quill

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