Apr 11, 2021

Unknown to famous pianist


Once upon a time, there was a 9-year-old girl called Sara. She liked to play the piano, but she never thought of becoming famous. She also liked teaching other people how to play the piano. Nobody in her family encouraged her to play the piano except for her grandpa. Every day, she wakes up and has her breakfast, then goes to her room to play the piano. Playing her favourite instrument was the only thing that kept her happy. One day, she was playing the piano in her room when she heard her sister shouting, “When will you stop playing the piano?! It will not get you to anything! And you do not even know how to play it!’’ Sara was feeling hurt by her sister’s words. She kept crying in her room. After a while she heard a knock on the door. It was her grandpa. “I’m here to learn how to play the piano,” said grandpa. Sara spent hours teaching him how to play the piano. Sara has been always confident. Her grandpa smile has always comforted her and gave her a boost to continue. One day, she was playing the piano happily in her room when she heard her mom shouting, ‘’Isabella! Sasha! Your grandpa is in the hospital! Go get ready quickly! And tell that piano lovercto get ready, too.’’ Sara was really worried about her grandpa. They arrived at the hospital and the doctor said: ‘’He got into a serious car crash and hit his head. He has a low chance of survival. We are trying our best to save him.’’ Sara was crying for her grandpa and said, ‘’Grandpa! Please do not leave me! The grandpa said, “Never… give... up. ’’ “We are sorry. He passed away,’’ said the doctor. ‘’No! Please! Do anything,’’ said Sara crying. Then they went back home. Sara was sad and went to her room. She was about to give up, when she thought about the last words her grandpa said. So, she started to write melodies. She could not focus a lot because she kept thinking about her grandpa. After a few hours she started to focus more, and she created an awesome melody. She decided to post it for people to hear it. The video went viral. And a music company invited her to write a melody for a song. Sara accepted and since then she became famous. One day she was in her bedroom when she heard a knock on the door. They were her mum and sisters. “Sara! We are so sorry for discouraging you! We have been listening to your melodies all day. They were amazing. Please forgive us,’’ they said regretfully. Sara had a big heart and forgave them. They all lived happily, and she taught her sisters how to play the piano. 

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