Apr 23, 2021

The Hero of Cisecy


Once upon a time, there was a populous kingdom called Cisecy. Cisecy had 457 million people. But they had one city ruled by an evil queen called Ergret. Ergret lived in a small palace, guarded with tigers and grey wolves. While she was drinking a cup of tea, a 32-year-old man named Orqn paid Ergret a visit.

Ergret shouted, "What do you want?!"

"I want you to be a good ruler!" said Orqn. "You don't know how much trouble you've caused this city!"

"Never!" said the evil queen. As soon as she said that, lions and grey wolves surrounded Orqn. There was no place to run. All of a sudden, Ergret cast an evil spell on Orqn.

"Orqn, Orqn, do whatever I want, let yourself be my slave, and you will get whatever you want." The spell worked at once and Orqn began to say, "Must obey Ergret, must obey Ergret."

"Haw haw haw! Soon every Ciseñan will be my slave. No one can go against me! Haw haw haw haw haw!" Ergret cackled. Her evil laugh was heard from ten miles away!

"Awooooo!" the wolves howled. Orqn went back home. He began mocking his best friend, Ellie. He even harmed his cousin, Jasper. Orqn did whatever the queen wanted him to do.

At the palace, Ergret asked Orqn to invade the whole kingdom of Cisecy. Still under her spell, he had no choice but to agree.

"Here," said the evil queen. "Take by bows and arrows, pistols, and bombs. Then you can use them to enslave Cisecy and take over the universe."

Orqn fought the Ciseñans, the people of Cisecy, including people he knew. With one shot of his bow and arrow, he hurt his aunt! With a slash of Ergret's sword, his uncle was wounded. The Ciseñan soldiers began to fight back. Ergret casted another spell on the Ciseñans, knocking down 800 soldiers. There were even leopards, lions, grey wolves, lynxes, even an allosaurus, a huge dinosaur that was up to eight meters long, that were on Ergret's side.

Before the Ciseñans could even draw their swords, one by one, the allosaurus began to gobble them up. Now it's just 30 soldiers against Ergret's 500 soldiers, one allosaurus, 400 grey wolves, 1,000 lynxes, 2,000 lions, 200 tigers, and 3,800 leopards.

In a flash, leopards and lynxes were attacking the remaining 30 soldiers. Orqn realized he had to have an antidote for the magic spell.

He knew he must not allow Cisecy to be under Ergret's rule. He secretly ran home and nobody noticed. He was just in time to see his brother, Jack. Jack had heard about the magic spell that made Orqn Ergret's slave. So he decided to invent an antidote. It took quite a little while before he finished. When he was done, he asked Orqn to drink the antidote. He drank it, and it worked! He was beginning to change! And after that, he set off to fight Ergret's army.

Ergret said, "I thought you were my slave!"

"Not anymore!" shouted Orqn.

In response, Ergret let out a furious cry! She even threw the soldiers into a cage with a hungry pack of wolves which she had made for anyone who disobeyed her. Now, there are only two soldiers left. Ergret was winning! The soldiers hid and waited for backup to arrive.

A few seconds later, Orqn's men arrived. They plunged their swords deep into Ergret's chest. The evil queen was dead! But that wasn't the end. There were still wild animals to defeat.

Orqn and his men began to fight and vanquish 3,000 animals at the same time. With 133 bows and arrows firing at the fierce animals, they let a blood-curling cry. The animals were dead.

Orqn was given a party that same evening. The whole kingdom was invited, except for the wild animals. The king of Cisecy gave a medal to Orqn called "Fighter of the Year" award.

After the party, Orqn fell asleep with a smile on his face. He wondered what it was like to save other kingdoms other than Cisecy.

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    Apr 29, 2021 06:03 AM

    Rafa Leal

    Very nice story!

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    Apr 29, 2021 09:18 AM

    Ethan Tan Sajid


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