Apr 27, 2021

Time(Part 1)


The sun rays penetrated through Coral primary school , the wind gushed into Mr. NICK's office. Kelvin,Jake and I, all Secondary 2 were getting reprimanded by Mr.Nick in his office because we had played a prank on another student again.As we came out of his office, Kelvin immediately said" That's so unfair!" " It's ok, luckily Mr.Nick didn't call our parents," Jake said in a hollow tone " C'mon guys, later we can meet in the park." I said trying to cheer them up.

After school, we met in the playground, as we were playing on the slide, something caught my eye. It was glittering in the mud as it was like asking me to come. I went off the slide and started to amble slowly towards it. When I reached, I picked it up and found that it is actually a clock. I hollered at Kelvin and Jake to come over, as they reached, Jake questioned me" What are you holding?" I repiled" Its a clock I picked up from the mud"

I said I was just curious and went there, Kelvin took the clock from me and examined it. " Hey, there is something written here but it's too small to read!" I quickly took the clock am saw the word. What I saw shook me to the core...it's my name written on it!

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    Apr 28, 2021 07:22 AM

    Ethan Tan Sajid

    hi, hope you like my story

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