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The wind flew swiftly at the sky and down below was Ethan. He lived in a suburb place in the middle of the amazon rainforest, the trees were so dense that the sun rays were unable to penetrate it. It was in the middle of the night, when its darkest hours came. The door of Ethan's house creaked open and there was Ethan, the wolf man.

It happened hundreds years ago , when Ethan was born, a unknown virius that had went into Ethan and was soon wipe out after the humans killed all the others except the only virius in a pandamic. But Ethan was soon infected permanently and nobody knows why. His parents was too afraid to tell anyone and they threw him into the amazon rainforest and after that, nobody know what happened after the cries and shouts that was blaring in the forest stopped but all they knew that if the human get the virius, something terrible will happen to them.

The animals in the rainforest tried to communicate with Ethan and in the end, Ethan lived with the animals after all. But the strange virius soon spreaded around his body and long after, he became a wolf. He can change into a wolf to a human anytime, the animals were not afraid of him and they all became his servants and his army. The animals were loyal to him but Ethan was evil, he wanted to take revenge of humans because his parents did not care about him so he will not stop until all humans is dead.

As he stepped out his wooden house, a monkey came to greet him as a servant" Good night my lord, what do you like to do today?" He rasped, "Storm another village" Ethan growled as he is a wolf now and he growled again"and don't come back until you kill everyone!" and the monkey went to gather an army to invade the village. But the nearest villages was Burriba town and the King of England's cousin lives there.......

The cousin was called Prince Charles and he was just visiting Burriba town for a trip. At the village, some people were chatting and talking, they were laughing heartily but they did not know that something horrible will happen to them. As the sun rises in the morning, the birds were chirping and people were in the market shopping, out of the blue, a knife was thrown from the forest and almost hit a person. The next moment, the whole village was in chaos, everybody was screaming and rushing to their families to get together, in one of the biggest houses, was Prince Charles... still sleeping. "Wake up, Wake up!" his servant was screaming like a madman. " The animals are attacking!". After Charles heard what his servant said, he was also screaming" What will we do, we need to get out of here!" They asked gathered their horses and quickly get on them. The next second, they were safely out of the village, in the end, the monkey and the animals destroyed the village. Dead bodies were everywhere, and then, they head back home. After Ethan the wolf man heard the news, he was very pleased and wanted more villages to get destroyed.

The afternoon shined at earth as bright as ever, after the king of England, King Alfred, heard the news, he was very irked with himself because he let his cousin into danger. He plan to send troops into the rainforest and cut the trees, then capture the animals, especially Ethan. The dark forest did not let any light into it and inside the forest, was a few of the king's troops, were sent to cut down some trees. Ken, Bart and Dina were all part of the king's troops, suddenly a swish echoed around the soldiers, Ken shouted bravely " Show yourself, enemy!" "Oh, yes I will show myself" He said mirthlessly, after the soldiers heard the voice, the regretted of themselves coming in the first place... it was Ethan the wolf man who was talking. In a flash, Ethan had all of the king's troops dead.

It was the next day, and the king had not hear a single news from his troops, at last, a messanger came and told him that they found the troops near a river at burriba town, after that, King Albert sworn to himself that he himself will kill the Wolf man.

It was at sping, after a few months, Albert requested a meeting alone with Albert and Wolf man in Burriba town but did not told the Wolf man that it was actually a trick. It was at midnight, Albert was standing calmly, waiting for the Wolf man. After a few minutes, a person, almost as twice as big as Albert, walked up to the King, looming at the king like it is going to squash the king like an insect. "Are you the Wolf man?" he said " I am, and...." he growled. Before he even finish the sentence, arrows were shot and the King took out a knife from his breast pocket and drove an attack at the Wolf man. In a second, the Wolf man died. The king and everybody celebrated in the morning, they were very elated with themselves and hope that nothing like that will happen again

The End:)

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