Apr 27, 2021

Time(part 2)


It had been two weeks since we found the clock with my name on it. It was a Monday morning, "Hey, can you come!" Kelvin called out to me, " Wait!" I shouted with an irate look and gave a frustrated sigh. After a few minutes, I came, " Look what I found" Kelvin said with Jake beside him and staring at me like a ' Don't look at me, look at Kelvin' look. Kelvin gave me the clock, I looked at it and saw that my name on it changed and became a phrase, saying "COME TO US", I look at my friends puzzledly, "What does that means?" "I don't know, so that's why we are showing the clock to you." Jake replied, I wondered, what if I got captured or what if somebody is trying to find me...." Well, we got to find out why the word changed, right" Kelvin said, breaking my trains of thoughts. "Yes, we need to find out, we should investigate around the place where we found the clock."Jake pointed out.

At the evening, we plodded up to the place where we found the clock, we saw the tiny hole where we picked up the clock. I paced round and round, thinking of all the clues we found and trying to put them together like a puzzle. "Look at this!" Jake yelled in a sudden pointing at a mark, I went to see and I saw a clock with the minute hand and the hour hand both pointing at the number 12, then there is another word craved in the mud like this 'midnight'. " Does that mean that we need to meet the THING at 12 in the midnight??" Kelvin said, sending shivers down my spine. "Y...Yes, I think ...so but ..when" I said, shivering of fear for a moment.

It was the next day, we were sauntering through the trees of the park when suddenly, Kelvin stubbed his toe on something, " What was that" Kelvin said in pain, I kneeled down and found out that it is another clock with no hands, I showed my friends " Look, there is no hands in this clock!" Jake looked at it " Let's continue, maybe we will find another clock and see where the clock will stop appearing in the ground!" So we continued to walk and then after a few minutes, we can't found any more clocks. " So...... this should be the place where the THING is supposed to meet us!" Kelvin said irritably because of the toe incident. Suddenly, a white figure appeared in front of us, " Yes, this is the place" the white figure said, startling us.

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