Apr 28, 2021

The Battle of Animal Valley


Once upon a time, there was an island called Animal Island.

No humans lived on Animal Island, only animals lived there.

One day, four human hunters who were leading an army of 10,000 polar bears landed on Animal Island.

They went deep into Animal Valley, a valley with a castle at one end.

The hunters, whose names were Damp, Dark, Cold, and Slime, ordered the polar bears to attack.

The animals in the castle, which was called Fort Katipunan, were led by Zack the Zebra, who was the ruler of Sunnyvale.

Zack made his orders quick, and by the time the enemy was within bow and arrow range, 60 animals were on the first wall ready to shoot.

Zack's animals had eaten 2,500 polar bears by sunset.

Suddenly, 24 polar bears started ramming the gate open!

The gate fell down, and 50 polar bears ran inside, only to be eaten by a cape lion when they rounded a corner.

By sunrise the next morning, 5,550 polar bears were still remaining, but 2,050 were inside the castle!

Suddenly, a horn blew!

The animals of Fort of Defence were there, led by King Longneck the Brachiosaurus.

The armies of Fort of Defence and Fort Katipunan attacked and overwhelmed the hunters, who surrendered.

Out of 10,000 polar bears that first attacked, 8,257 were eaten, 47 were captured, and 996 escaped.

That night, the animals had a big party to celebrate their victory.

The hunters were sent to Fort Intramuros in Manila,

and the polar bears signed a truce never to invade Animal Island again.


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    Apr 29, 2021 06:07 AM

    Ethan Tan Sajid

    NIce, hope there is a part 2

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