Apr 29, 2021

Alpha’s Dream


One night, Alpha the wolf had a dream.

In his dream, he was the leader of 10,000 wolves who were going to India to stop the tiger general Bulleater, who had taken the throne, crown, and castle away from King Stripey, who was the former king of the tigers.

When Alpha’s wolves got there, they were joined by 2,500 tigers who were still loyal to King Stripey.

As the 12,500 marched towards Bulleater’s castle (he tore the old one down and replaced it with a new one), they were attacked by 15,000 tigers.

The tigers ate 3,000 of Alpha’s warriors, but lost 5,500 of their own soldiers.

Alpha only had 9,500 soldiers left, so he ordered his troops to head for an old Indian wolf stone fortress called Fort Seoni.

While Alpha’s soldiers were on their way to Fort Seoni,

they were joined by 2,000 Indian wolves guarding the fortress.

That night, 15,000 tigers, 5,000 striped hyenas, and 2,500 Eurasian jackals,

22,500 soldiers in all, attacked the fort.

Alpha’s warriors, 11,000 in number, ate 19,500 of the enemy, but the enemy ate 2,250 of Alpha’s troops.

The next day, Alpha made preparations to attack Bulleater’s castle.

At 4:30 in the evening, Alpha’s 6,500 wolves, 1,000 Indian wolves, and 1,250 tigers were joined by 3,250 tigers and 2,500 Indian wolves.

At dawn, 6,500 wolves, 3,500 Indian wolves, and 4,500 tigers, 14,500 animals in all, started their long walk to Bulleater’s castle and 50,000 tigers.

When they got there, a massive battle began.

Alpha got into the castle, which had not a single guard left in it.

Bulleater was sitting on a chair eating 10 pigs on the same plate.

Alpha put handcuffs on Bulleater and arrested him for making a coup on the kingdom.

8,500 of Alpha’s warriors were eaten, but 35,000 of the enemy were eaten in the big battle at the gate of the castle.

After that, Alpha and King Stripey were given a party.

Later, Alpha woke up in bed, and realised it was only a dream.


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