Apr 29, 2021

Animal Island 2: The Hunters Come Back


One day on Animal Island, Zack the Zebra was sitting in his chair in his office when suddenly, a wolf burst through the door!

He told Zack that the four hunters had broken out from Fort Santiago!

Zack told his second in command and third in command to get the animal army ready.

Alpha and his wolf pack ran to Fort of Defence to tell King Longneck the Brachiosaurus that the hunters had escaped from prison.

Longneck sent 150 Cape Lions and 270 Mackenzie Wolves to help Fort Katipunan.

Zack found out that the hunters had a new army which had 15,000


Soon, Alpha and his pack came back bringing the 420 lions and wolves with him.

Zack told the animals “Do not retreat, stay at your posts, don’t let the enemy into the Fort.”

The hunters came and started to attack with their army of hyenas.

As the enemy army army came close, Zack said: “Ready... Release the arrows”!

At that moment, 120 arrows streaked down on the invaders!

Zack’s warriors ate 500 enemies in the first five salvos!

Soon after, Zack said, “ Give them a volley!”

That meant, not just the first level would be shooting arrows, every level up to the fourth level of the castle would be attacking the enemy!

450 arrows streaked down and the animals ate 400 enemies!

Soon, the enemies were firing catapults at Fort Katipunan!

Fort Katipunan’s own catapults were squashing 20 soldiers per one ton rock!

Suddenly, a huge explosion happened in the first wall!

The enemies were breaking in!

Suddenly, 15 animals were wounded by enemy crossbows!

Zack’s warriors ran down from the first wall, and soon were in a big fight!

Longneck’s troops could not come because they had their own battle to fight.

Zack’s warriors charged and drove the enemy far away from the Fort.

17 animals were wounded, but 14,800 enemies were eaten.

That night, Zack and Longneck had another party and the hunters went back to prison in Fort Santiago.

The remaining 200 hyenas ran back to Africa, but 57 were eaten by the African Wild Dogs and lions.


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