Apr 29, 2021

Animal Island 3: The New Castle


One day on Animal Island, Zack the Zebra was looking at his castle, which had been renovated recently. Even its name was changed!

Fort Katipunan now was called Katipunan Castle.

Suddenly, a horn blew!

Zack recognised the signal.

It was the Horn-call of red alert, which had not been heard since 1019, when an army of Golden Jackals raided Animal Valley.

It meant there was an enemy army with more than 20,000 soldiers in Animal Valley!

Zack’s troops were ready for the oncoming attack.

A cheetah ran to Fort of Defence to warn the animals there, because 60,000 enemies were coming there!

The Hunters were leading an army of 15,000 Spotted Hyenas, and 65,000 Polar Bears!

Zack said, “All soldiers need to be ready for a big fight!”

Soon, 20,000 enemy soldiers were in sight of the castle!

Zack ordered the catapults to be fired.

Soon, rocks weighing 50 kg, 75 kg, and 100 kg were hitting the enemies!

The enemy soldiers soon were firing their own catapults and hitting some animals!

Zack’s soldiers soon fired a volley of arrows at the enemies!

There was fighting throughout the night, and at sunrise, 9,700 enemies were remaining, but 15 animals were wounded.

At noon, the enemies started to attack the gate, but first they had to cross the moat, which was full of venomous snakes and fearsome crocodiles.

As they walked up the ramp to the castle’s gate, crocodiles and snakes jumped at the soldiers and the animals on the walls were dumping boiling water, freezing water, and scorpions onto the enemies!

The enemy army’s battering ram soon was ramming the door down.

The ram hit five times (BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!), and on the fifth try, the gate fell down! (BOOOOM! KABOOOOM!!!)

Soon, clanging and whooshing noises (CLANG! CLANG! WHOOSH!) were heard from the courtyard of the castle!

The animals retreated to the second level of the castle and fought off many attacks.

Soon, the enemy army was defeated by a charge led by Zack.

At Fort of Defence, the animals won another big victory.

The Four Hunters were sent back to Fort Santiago in Manila,

and Zack and Longneck had a big party.

Meanwhile, a horse in Katipunan Castle was working on a vaccine for coronavirus that he thought he would finish in two weeks.


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    Jun 02, 2021 09:01 AM

    Timmy Guerrero

    Nice story, Rafa!

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