May 02, 2021

Time(part 3)


After the white figure appeared and said that sentence, it was gone the next moment. "What was that?"Jake said, standing rooted to the ground. "I don't know!" I replied "Maybe we need to meet here in the midnight!" We were shaken after that incident, but we were still curious to find out.

It was at 11:59 when we were rushing to go to the park trees, millions of questions bombarded my mind. Maybe somebody is trying to make fun of us? Maybe somebody is trying to KILL us! " Look!" Kelvin shouted suddenly as I saw white figures coming out of the trees, circling around us. "Do you know why I asked you to come here?" a voice from my pocket said menacingly, "It's the watch that's talking!" I said, I showed friends and after a few seconds it talked again " Welcome ..." and the next moment, we fainted.

We woke up in a room where there was a ornate door made of a strange material. I saw my friends still unconscious, and tried to stand up, there was like a invisible force my pushing me down but I used all my energy to stand, after I walked around the room, tracing every detail of this because maybe it's an alien ship or maybe the aliens will invade Earth. I tried to open the door but it's locked "Hey, where are we?" Jake whispered weakly, with unconscious Kelvin beside him, "I don't know, but I guess we are in an alien spaceship." I said, also trying to keep my voice down because maybe the aliens were find out that we are awake, after that, Kelvin woke up.

We told all our suspicions, " So we are in an alien spaceship and maybe the aliens are going to invade Earth!" Kelvin said stammering. "Yes, and..." I said and suddenly a large voice blared out like it's the room speaking, " You think that we are aliens... we are TIME!", after that mysterious voice spoke, white figures that looked like humans came out again and took us into another room, voices echoed around the room, a white figure, slightly more human look at us with a cold and draconic face. "BOW DOWN FOR KING HENRY II" white figures shouted at us, throwing a gold badge that have a two words that said " KING HENRY" we were still in the state of shock, Kelvin and Jake bowed, waiting for me to bow down too. I looked at the King bravely, not wanting to give in but in the end, his guards pushed my head down, I looked at the King one more time with full of hatred and rage, then I bowed.

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