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Animal Island 5: The Siege of Katipunan Castle


One day, Zack the Zebra, King of Sunnyvale was sitting at the top of Katipunan Castle’s keep, looking at the surrounding area.

Sunnyvale was a country in the north of Animal Island.

Katipunan Castle was now a member of a group of four castles and fortresses centred on it.

It was almost 6:30 PM, so Zack hurried down the ladder for dinner.

As soon as he was in the second bailey of the castle, a messenger pigeon bumped into him.

The messenger pigeon told Zack, “Damp, Dark, Cold, and Slime, the four hunters who want to conquer Animal Island have escaped prison again and are heading this way with an army of Leopard Seals!”

Zack thanked the pigeon for the warning, and sent him to safety in Fort of Defence.

He and his troops ate a quick dinner, and sent messages to the other fortresses and castles in the area.

Fort Jacinto got the message first, followed by Rizal Castle.

Bree Castle got the message only 30 minutes before the attack started.

As Zack watched the enemy march up the valley, he gave final orders for battle strategies to his troops.

Soon, Rizal Castle was being attacked by powerful catapults that threw rocks horizontally into the walls and towers.

One shot destroyed a large portion of the curtain wall!

Zack ordered the troops manning Rizal Castle to retreat to Fort Jacinto.

As the enemy troops ran up the pass, Zack told his troops, “Stand firm, hold your ground, and attack.“

As the enemy ran toward Fort Jacinto, they were attacked by the soldiers stationed there.

The enemy soldiers set up catapults to attack the walls, and soon, a whole section of wall was missing!

As the defenders retreated to Katipunan Castle, the castle’s own catapults started bombarding the enemy in a hail of rocks!

As the enemy prepared to shoot back, a storm of arrows hit the plain.

Soon, the animals were hit by a volley of arrows!

2 animals were wounded, and right in the middle of the action, the messenger pigeon arrived!

He told Zack that the total amount of enemies was 25,000 seals!

Zack told him that 1,500 enemies had already been eaten.

Meanwhile, the enemies were preparing to use a massive siege tower to attack the castle gatehouse!

As the siege tower moved closer to the walls, ladders were carrying soldiers across the moat.

Zack’s warriors were pushing ladders off the walls, firing arrows, and fighting the enemies that were on the walls!

Suddenly, a tower on the gatehouse exploded, spraying debris and stone everywhere!

Zack ordered his troops to retreat from the gatehouse, because an enemy siege tower was loading soldiers onto the walls.

Zack asked Tailless the wolf to come to the keep to give him a status report.

Tailless told Zack, “The enemy has taken the gatehouse and the clifftop fighting platform. The horse’s gate can’t keep them out much longer!”

The moment Tailless finished talking, yells and clanging noises were coming from the second courtyard!

Amur the tiger came running in, saying, “The enemies tunneled into the courtyard while you were talking to Tailless, and charged at me and the other soldiers stationed there. We fought them off, but 7 animals were injured.”

Zack told Tailless to organize a group of troops to attack the enemies outside the castle.

Soon, 10 animals under the command of a Tyrannosaurus ran through

the small gate, called a postern, and soon, they planted explosives on the enemy siege tower that was loading troops onto the gatehouse.

As the animals ran back inside the castle, the siege engine that was making enemy soldiers able to clime up the gatehouse and attack the horse exploded, showering wood, rubber, metal, and stone on the defenders, injuring a Snowy Owl.

Zack checked his clock, and saw that it was 6:37 AM.

Suddenly, the Sun started to rise.

In the faint light, Zack’s troops saw three more siege towers heading towards Howl Valley!

As the siege towers came through the entrance to Howl Valley,

a powerful battering ram was pushing the gate open.

The elephant and rhino bracing the gate were sweating from keeping the gate shut, when the gate finally opened!

As enemy soldiers poured in, the elephant and rhino went to safety in the

second courtyard and helped seal up the hole that the leopard seals had dug into the courtyard.

As the enemies ran through the gate, the were faced by a twisting passage called a bent entrance.

When the enemies got to the other end of the passage, they were attacked by a lot of animals!

The enemies were driven out temporarily, but soon, they came back!

At 9:30, the enemies blew up the gatehouse using explosives, cratering the walls with stone and wood!

Soon, 10 animals led by a leopard were peeling debris off the walls, while a lion, a wolf, and a horse prepared lunch for the defenders.

The defenders ate lunch while shooting arrows at the enemies.

One animal even shot his sandwich wrapper at an enemy soldier!

The siege continued throughout the day and night, and the only significant thing that happened was the building of a wooden fence by the enemies to protect against more attacks by the animals in the castle.

At midnight, Zack told his troops to take shifts on the lookout duty.

1 half of the soldiers would sleep, while the other half kept watch on the enemy's troop movements, alternating stations.

At sunrise, the enemy troops started attacking the curtain wall.*

As they prepared to clime onto the walls, they realized that their fence, catapults, and tents were on fire!

Katipunan Castle's own catapults had shot flaming wood onto the enemy camp!

The enemies had a hard. time extinguishing the flames, but eventually, they succeeded.

Soon after, the enemy resumed battering the door down.

This time, the door split in two after only one ramming!

The fight was in the courtyard and bent entrance was continued, however, the enemies eventually won it.

The animals retreated to the second level, where they fought off 17 attacks of various sizes during the first 5 hours.

The enemies decided to starve the animals into surrendering, not knowing that a lot of food was being stored in the caves below the horse's underground workshop.

At dawn on the second day, Zack led most of the animals in the castle in a charge that drove the enemy far from the castle.

Zack left 10 animals under the command of Tailless to guard the castle while he was away.

Zack's troops chased the enemies very far, and soon, the army of Longneck the Brachiosaurus came to help Zack's troops.

The four hunters went back to prison, and when the remaining Leopard Seals attempted to make a last stand, they were easily defeated.

The total amount of Leopard Seals at the battle was 70,000.

[counting reinforcements].

50,456 seals were eaten, 4,544 were captured, and 15,000 escaped.

*A curtain wall is a kind of defensive wall found in castles, forts, and walled cities.


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