Jun 06, 2021

The Runaway Cupcake


One day, Moray the Moray eel was preparing breakfast cupcakes for his animal friends at Animal Valley. He prepared five cupcakes for each animal. Then, as he took the last cupcake out, which was Alpha the wolf's cupcake, it hopped out of the oven and right out the door!

"A cupcake's running away!" Moray said. "Catch it!"

Every animal at Animal Valley chased after the cupcake and ran as fast as their legs could carry them. But no matter how hard they ran, they couldn't catch the cupcake. Then the cupcake sat down to catch its breath.

Very carefully, Alpha tried to pick it up, but when he opened his mouth, the cupcake ran again!

"How strange that cupcake is!" Moray thought as he chased the cupcake all the way to Jurassic Street, where the dinosaurs lived.

Just then, the cupcake said, "Got to get to higher ground!" And so it climbed up a tree. But then, a spinosaurus tried to taste it, but the cupcake still ran! All the animals and dinosaurs in Jurassic Street chased after the cupcake.

"How fast is that cupcake going?" Skipper the penguin asked, still running after the cupcake.

"Approximately 55 kilometers per hour," sad Humpy the humpback whale, panting as he kept on chasing it.

"Yoo-hoo! Can't catch me!" the cupcake said.

"Cupcakes sure are tricky," Styry the styracosaurus told Alpha.

But Alpha didn't reply. He was too busy chasing the cupcake.

When the cupcake reached a jungle, he still ran and all the animals of the jungle and the dinosaurs of Jurassic Street and the animals of Animal Valley chased after the cupcake.

Even though the cupcake knew it was outnumbered, it still kept running.

A jaguar growled from behind.

"Come on!" Ruby the African elephant said. "Let me taste you!"

"Of course not!" the cupcake scoffed, still running. "I don't want to be eaten!"

Just then, a robin flew by. When he saw the cupcake, he swooped down to taste it. But still, the cupcake ran, but this time, slower than before because he was running out of energy.

The cupcake tried to escape Tannea the Indian wolf who was ahead of all animals, but it wasn't quick enough. Tannea pounced on the cupcake like a cat and ate him up!

"That was my cupcake!" Alpha said. But Tannea didn't reply. He was too pleased wth himself as he licked the frosting from his mouth and feet.

"Oh well. Guess I'll have to make another cupcake for you, Alpha," Moray said.

And he did.

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    Sep 13, 2021 05:51 PM

    Samarah Kassie

    this is a funny and cute story and you have and amazing imagination

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