Jun 07, 2021

Achilles and the Secret Medicine


One day, Zack the zebra, Ruler of Sunnyvale, was sick with an incurable sore throat. So he told Longneck the brachiosaurus, "I feel so sore. Can you give me a hot drink, Longneck?" But Zack spoke too softly.

"What did you say?" Longneck said.

"I feel so sore. Can you give me a hot drink?" Zack repeated.

"Ok, Zack," Longneck said, and went to the kitchen to get a hot drink for Zack.

While Longneck was getting a hot drink for Zack, Achilles, a brave boy from the Trojan war was reading the headlines of the Town Crier.

Then, Achilles saw a headline: "Zebra Named Zack, Ruler of Sunnyvale, Has Incurable Sore Throat."

"Oh no!" Achilles said to himself. "I must go and cure that zebra with my secret, magic medicine."

So he set off to find Zack. While Achilles was on his way to Sunnyvale, Skipper the penguin read Zack a book about zebras to make him feel better while he was drinking his hot drink.

"I need an extra pillow," Zack interrupted. "I'm too low."

"I'll get it," Ruby the African elephant said.

Just then, Zack's cousin, Zavier the zebra, came rushing to Zack and said, "Are you alright? Can I help you?"

"No, thanks, but thank you for the care!" said Zack.

Just then, Stella the African elephant, Zack's assistant, heard footsteps. She decided to check who it was.

"Hello!" said a voice. It was Achilles.

"How did you get here?" Stella asked.

"I read the headlines from the Town Crier that said, 'Zebra Named Zack, Ruler of Sunnyvale, Has Incurable Sore Throat,' so I decided to come and give him my secret, magic medicine," Achilles replied.

"Well, come in then," Stella told Achilles. "And what's your name?"

"Achilles," Achilles said.

"Nice to meet you, Achilles! Follow me," Stella said, and she led him to Zack.

When Zack saw Achilles, he jumped and accidentally knocked over his hot drink!

"Who are you?" Zack said.

"Achilles. I've heard of your incurable illness from a headline from the Town Crier," Achilles said, "so I've come to give you medicine."

"That's kind of you, Achilles," Zack said, smiling at him. "Where's the medicine?"

"I didn't bring the medicine. I'm going to make the medicine. It's a secret and magic potion that will give you immunity to any other sicknesses, including that illness," Achilles said.

"What a great idea!" Zack said still trying to sound excited with his faint voice.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just work on my medicine," Achilles said, and went to a table.

Time passed by, and Achilles's medicine was almost ready.

He mixed some chemicals together, shook them in a flask, and then, after a few more minutes, he was back. He poured some of the medicine in a cup.

"I've got the medicine!" Achilles said, giving the cup to him.

Zack drank the medicine, then said, "This tastes good!" Then he paused. "Wait! My voice is back! Hooray!"

Achilles laughed. "I told you it would work!"

And from that day on, Zack was immune to any diseases. He was ready once again to lead the animals of Sunnyvale.

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