Jun 10, 2021

Alpha and the Dragon


One day, Alpha the wolf was eating bison burgers for breakfast. He was a super fierce wolf and fed on bisons and water buffalos.

After breakfast, Alpha quietly read headlines from the Town Crier. Then, he saw a headline that said "Dragon Sick, Unable to Breathe."

"Oh no!" Alpha said. "I must go and help that dragon." He checked where the dragon lived. And the answer came to Alpha. The dragon lived in Juneau, Alaska. Before Alpha left, Alpha brought healthy food for the dragon. Then he called for his wolf pack, and they set off for the dragon.

Their journey lasted for two days, and on the second day, their paws were getting so tired they could hardly walk. So they decided to take a nap because they were hot and drenched.

When they woke up, they once again walked for the dragon and when Alpha arrived, he said, "Hi. I'm Alpha. I've read about your sickness from the one of the Town Crier's headlines. I've come to bring you healthy food." And so he gave the dragon a tray full of broccoli, mangoes, apples, grapes, cherries, lemons, oranges, blueberries, and pomelos.

"Thank you," the dragon wrote on his whiteboard.

"You're welcome," Alpha replied politely. The dragon began to eat the food, and after a while, he got better.

From then on, Alpha stayed with the dragon and gave him fruits, veggies, and medicine daily.

After a few days, Alpha asked, "How are you?"

"I'm good," the dragon said, though he spoke too softly.

"What did you say?' Alpha asked,

"I'm good," the dragon said as he began to eat fruits. And the more the dragon ate fruits, veggies, and drank medicine, the better he got. Pretty soon, he was almost well.

"How are you now?" Alpha asked one night.

"Great!" the dragon said, loudly, but not fully loud.

"Okay. Get some sleep now, dragon," Alpha said. "Good night."

"Good night," the dragon said, and he went to sleep.

The next morning, Alpha carried a full tray of fruits and veggies.

"Here's your breakfast," Alpha said.

"Thank you!" the dragon said. He was much better than yesterday.

As he ate the healthy food, he tried to inhale and exhale.

"Your breathing sounds normal," Alpha said. "I think you're well now!"

"Yay!" the dragon said. Alpha heard the dragon loud and clear.

Alpha said good-bye to the dragon and went home. And the dragon never got sick again.

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    Jun 10, 2021 07:39 AM

    Timmy Guerrero

    I got inspired by my friend Rafa 🙂

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