Jun 15, 2021

Perky Gets Inside His Computer


One day, Perky the penguin was working on a Father's Day card for his dad in Microsoft Word.

After pressing two keys accidentally, he screamed!

"W-where am I?" Perky asked. After looking around, he knew where he was. He was inside his computer!

"Oh no!" Perky said. "I must save my Father's Day card."

As he walked to hit "Save", he accdentally stepped on "Cancel"!

"Aaaah!" Perky screamed. "How do I get out?" he wondered.

Then he had and idea. "Aha! I'll see if I can press a button on the keyboard that will get me out of my computer."

But as he ran, he hit the glass monitor of his computer!

"Ow!" said Perky, rubbing the top of his beak.

"What's wrong?" Tailless the Indian wolf said, who just walked in. Then he gasped. "Perky! What are you doing in your computer?"

"I was just making a Father's Day card for my father, then when I was about to click 'Save,' I accidentally pressed two buttons at the same time, and then I was inside my computer!" wailed Perky. "And then as I was about to hit 'Save', I accidentally hit 'Cancel!' And now I can't get out!" He sobbed loudly.

"We'll think of something. Don't worry," he said.

Then Tailless got an idea. "I'll close Microsoft Word and see if it'll get you out of here."

He saved the changes to Perky's Father's Day card, then closed Microsoft Word. But there was a big problem. Perky was on his desktop screen!

"Oh no!" said Perky. "I'm on my desktop screen! What should I do?"

"Walk until you see the bottom apps," said Tailless, "and then press the Windows logo."

Perky did as told. Then as soon as he saw the Windows logo, he pointed a finger at it and said, "Do I hit this?"

"Yes," Tailless said.

Perky slowly walked through the bottom apps, and then Tailless said, "See that power symbol?"

"Yes," said Perky.

"Press that, and it'll give you the options to shut down, restart, or put it in sleep mode," explained Tailless.

When Perky saw the options, he asked, "Which one do I hit?"

"Shut down!" said Tailless.

Perky hit "Shut down." But there was a big problem. Perky was still inside his computer, but this time, he disappeared!

"Perky!" said Tailless. "Where are you?"

"I'm still here!" said Perky, knocking on the monitor of his computer.

"I'll turn on your computer. Maybe you'll appear," said Tailless.

Perky agreed.

When the computer was on, Tailless could see Perky again. He pressed the "Space," and then Perky's password was required.

"What's your password?" asked Tailless.

"penGuinsarecOOlandawesomeYeaaaaaH18," Perky replied.

"I'll enter the password and we'll see if it will get you out of there," Tailless said.

When he pressed "Enter," Perky was out of the computer!

"Hooray!" Perky said. "Thank you for helping me!"

"No problem," said Tailless. And Perky never got inside his computer again.

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