Jun 17, 2021

Javan Saves the Day


One day, Zack the zebra was quietly reading his newspaper when his cousin, Zavier the zebra, burst in and said, "Hunters and hyenas have escaped from prison! They are about to attack us!"

Zack heard Zavier loud and clear, and told his troops and the other animals' troops, "Ready your defense formation! The hunters and the hyenas are about to attack!"

Everyone did as they were told.

Then, Zack ran to a fort called Fort of Defence and told all the animals there, "Hurry! Get to my castle! Hunters and animals are about to attack!" They all followed him.

Javan the tiger sent 900 Bengal tigers and 3,500 Eurasian lynxes to help the animals. Soon after, he followed to the castle bringing more animals.

Then, Javan discovered that the hunters had a new army of 13,000 wolves! He told Zack the news.

Then Zack said, "We need more animals! Get more animals!"

This time, Javan sent a message to his ambush of tigers to call on 5,500 African wild dogs and 6,000 Nile crocodiles. They did as Javan asked. Soon after, the wild dogs and crocodiles were there.

The animals got their defense position. The battle began at 9:30 am. Then Zack heard the hunters marching to his castle! He and the animals tried to block the enemies' way.

But the hunters found a way and broke the castle's gate!

"Fire catapults!" Zack ordered. The animals' catapults knocked down some hyenas and wolves. Then, as the hunter and the remaining enemy animals came closer,

Javan took a huge leap at the hunters and wolves, overwhelming them, and Javan ate 2,030 wolves and 135 hyenas in 15 minutes!

"Hooray for Javan!" said Zack. Then, he asked Capey the cape lion to distract the hunters from getting to the castle. But Capey failed. He was wounded and threw in to the air by the hunters!

"Fire volleyballs!" ordered Zack to Dwarfy the dwarf hippo. He did as told. Dwarfy's volleyballs knocked down several wolves and hyenas!

Because of the volleyballs, there were just two hyenas left and 150 wolves! The hunters grabbed Zack and threw him at his troops, knocking them down. Javan fired an arrow at the hunters, hyenas, and wolves, but he misfired most of them! But the good thing was he was able to wound some enemies.

The Nile crocodiles began to bite the hunters and animals, and some enemies were injured because of their strong bite! Even though the wolves knew they were outnumbered, they still wouldn't give up! In fact, this crucial battle went on until 5:30 pm!

Zack checked his clock and noticed that they've been fighting for eight hours. The other animals kept battling with the wolves. And then Javan threw 11 wolves in the air, and they knocked down 55 of their own! He knew the battle was almost over.

But the wolves still wouldn't give up. In fact, they pushed a boulder and it knocked down several animals from Zack's side!

"Charge!" Zack said, and they charged.

But wolves pushed a heavy boulder and it hit Zack! He was so wounded that he had to be taken to the hospital!

The wolves had another trick up their sleeve. They pushed a heavier boulder and it took down the walls of another castle!

"Retreat!" Zack said.

But Javan said, "We should not retreat! Ten wolves is very easy to defeat!"

The wolves shot one of Zack's best troops! Now the battle was getting harder.

"Do not give up! Fight to the last animal!" said Javan.

But the wolves kept on firing weapons at the animals! Most animals in Zack's castle were injured.

"Animals! Release the arrows!" ordered Zack.

They fired arrows, but all of them missed!

The wolves charged at the animals, but then, something unexpected happened. Javan came out of nowhere and ravaged the remaining wolves!

"Hooray for Javan!" the animals said.

The animals threw a huge party to celebrate the end of the battle. Since then, hunters never invaded because they were scared of Javan.

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