Jun 19, 2021

Gloden Touch


Once there leaved a greedy man in a small town . He was very rich , and he loved gold and all things fancy but he loved his daughter more than anything . One day , he changed upon a fairy the fairy's hair was caught in a few tree branches . He helped her out , but at his greediness took over , he realised that he had an opportunity to become richer by asking for a wish in return ( by helping her )

. The fairy granted him a wish he said " All that I touch should return in gold " and his wish was granted by the gradeful fairy . The greedy man rushed to home to tell his wife and his daughter about his wish , all the while touching stones and pebbles and watching them convet them into gold . Once he got home his daughter rushed to greet him as soon she bent down scoop her up in his arm she turn into a gold statue . He was devastated and stared crying and trying to bring her back in his life . He realised his folly and spent the rest of his days researching for the fairy to take away his . Author Khushi Sharma

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Khushi Sharma


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