Jun 22, 2021

The Surprise Birthday Party


HI, My name is Asmi and I am going to tell you my experience when my parents surprised me from a Surprise Birthday Party.

In the lockdown everyone were at their homes. Everyone were too bored, and me too. Me and my Family decided to go to a restaurant, but my brother said that he didn't wanted to go to a restaurant. My Mother and Father said OK. I thought why? My parents wanted to go to a restaurant. At night when my brother slept I said to my father that why did they said nothing when my brother said we won't go to a restaurant. My father said "ask your mom". I went in kitchen and asked mom, then she said "I would tell you tomorrow, it's 11' o clock, it's too late. Go and sleep". I went and Sleep.

The next day when I woke up I saw that it's 10' o clock! I wondered why didn't I woke up from the alarm, or the alarm didn't played?! I went out in the hall. I saw that there was no one. I started finding my mom and dad. I didn't found them anywhere, but now it was time for my online classes, so I started my laptop and started attending my classes. My classes were over now. I started doing my homework that my teacher has assigned. After some time I heard my mom's voice. She was saying "Come here!". I was too shocked! I saw out from the balcony. I didn't saw anyone. I thought that my ears would be ringing. After sometime I again heard my mother's voice. This time she was calling me! I was again shocked! I saw though the window. I saw my mom and dad there. I opened the window and shouted "Mom, Dad!". My mom and dad looked up and waved their had. They didn't said anything. After a minute they were on the door and said "Asmi! We have a surprise for you!". I went and opened the door. My mom and dad had no bags or any thing in their hand "what's the surprise!" I said. My father was holding a ticket like thing. I said "What's that in your hand Dad?".

My mom said that it's a ticket for a trip to Paris. I said "wow!! I really wanted to go to France one day!!".I was so amazed and thought that when had they decided this amazing trip to PARIS?! After that, I saw that my brother coming here. He had dressed like today was an occasion! Beside me the laptop was open, I quickly went near it and saw the date. WHAT! today is 2nd June. How could I forget this date! I said. As soon as I realized that today was my birthday the light went away. I said "oh no, why has the light gone. How would we celebrate my birthday party?". This day I was 13 years old. I seek out through the window and I saw that everyone's light was coming, so why is our house's light gone. After some time I could see small balls that were shining like stars in our house. They were flying in the air! What was that, I wondered?! Do you also want to know? If yes, so you'll get to know in the Book 2. Coming Soon.

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    Jul 21, 2021 04:34 AM

    Timmy Guerrero

    Nice story, Asmi!

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