Jun 27, 2021

Zack and His Reflection


One Sunday morning, Zack the zebra was taking a walk. He went with Alpha the wolf, Leo the leopard, Capey the cape lion, Javan the tiger, Ruby the African elephant, Iberia the lynx, Philly the Philippine crocodile, Spiny the spinosaurus, and Longneck the brachiosaurus.

"Look! There's a herd of sheep in the pasture!" said Zack. He pointed to some sheep eating grass.

They went to a forest full of trees and plants. Then, they saw a jaguar drinking water.

Zack and the rest of the animals walked closer to the medium-sized puddle of water when Zack saw another zebra in the water!

"Who is that zebra?" asked Zack.

"That's just your reflectio---" Iberia began.

Suddenly, in a fit of rage, Zack said to himself, "Go away! I do not know you! You zebra! Now get out before my animal friends come after you!"

Philly was about to say that it was just Zack's reflection, but Zack looked at his reflection again and said, "Go away! You do not belong here!"

"Stubborn zebra," muttered Iberia to herself. She knew Zack wasn't going to listen to her but she said anyway, "Listen. It's just your reflection."

"Then how come I saw another zebra looking and talking to me under the puddle? He imitates how I talk and how I move!" shouted Zack and screamed in rage.

His screaming was so loud the other animals in the forest heard it.

Just then, in a flash, the god of fertility Dionysus approached Zack and asked, "What is wrong?"

"This zebra, right here, made me lose my temper! And look! He even talks when I'm talking!" shouted Zack.

Dionysus laughed, but he was sorry for Zack that he had gone so wild and crazy.

"That's just your reflection. See?" he said. He pointed to Zack's reflection.

"But still, he keeps on talking! He even copies the way I speak! His mouth moves the same!" shouted Zack. He again ran around, this time, all over the forest.

He ran for hours and hours and hours! Then, he stopped to catch his breath. When he looked at the ground, he spotted grains of sand!

"Oh no! I'm at the beach!" said Zack. He had ran too long. Now he was lost.

"What have I done?" sobbed Zack. "Now no one will ever find me."

He sobbed uncontrollably. Tears streamed down his face. His crying echoed across the beach.

Just then, at that moment, Hades, another god, approached Zack and asked, "What is wrong?"

"I noticed my reflection was looking at me and talks when I'm talking and imitates the moving of my lips! I was so angry I ran around! And now I'm lost," sobbed Zack.

Hades felt bad and promised to help.

Meanwhile, the others animals that were going with Zack on his walk were looking for him.

"Zack! Zack!" said Capey. "Time to come home now."

The forest showed no sign of Zack.

"He ought to be around here somewhere," said Capey.

They looked and looked and looked. They searched all over for Zack, but they never found him.

"Maybe he's lost," said Philly, desperate for Zack to come back.

Longneck gave a China cup to the animals.

"Perhaps this will help us," said Longneck.

"How is a china cup going to help us?" Leo asked.

"It has a special feature. It'll beep once when it sees an animal," said Longneck.

Iberia smiled at Longneck and said, "Good idea!"

"But how can a China cup beep?" asked Spiny.

"Trust me," was all Longneck said.

"Ok," said Spiny.

So they set off once more. The animals spotted a tuba somene left behind.

"What's this for?" asked Philly.

"It's a tuba. Zack likes playing the tuba, right?" Longneck said.

"Right. So, how will that help us? It might help other animals eat us!" said Spiny, with a shudder.

"Maybe Zack will hear us if we play it," Longneck said in sort of a glum voice.

But the animals didn't believe him, not even for a second or two.

They walked for hours and hours and hours and hours. They left the tuba behind. But Zack never showed up. Just then, the China cup beeped!

"What's the animal?" wondered Iberia.

It was an...elephant!

"Let's look a little longer," said Longneck.

Iberia looked at the elehpant.

"Can I go with you?" asked the elephant with his voice shaking.

"What's wrong?" asked Iberia.

"There's this pack of wolves that disturbs me every night," said the elephant nervously.

Iberia agreed. They looked and looked and looked. Morning turned into afternoon. Afternoon turned into night. But Zack never showed up.

Finally, the animals gave up, tired and sleepy. Just then, the China cup beeped!

"Who is it?" asked Javan.

Much to their surprise, it was Zack! They ran to him and embraced him!

"I'm so happy to see you! Where were you?" asked Zack.

"We were looking for you for hours and hours and hours and you didn't show up!" Longneck said. "We were about to give up when we saw you!"

"You don't need to give up now," said Zack. "What's important is you found me. I was worried you will never find me!"

"Well, thankfully, we did!" the animals said.

Zack laughed and told them what he had been doing while they were looking for him before they went home.

On the way home, they found out the puddle of water was gone and his reflection was gone too!

"A reflection is just when light casts back light or heat. That's why you saw yourself in the puddle of water," Spiny explained.

"I'm just glad you found me! I couldn't care less about my reflection!" said Zack.

"So, you see, you don't need to get angry when you see your reflection. Also, you should be able to control your temper so you won't stress yourself out. Ok?" said Longneck.

"Ok," said Zack.

Later that night, when they were home together, Zack took a bath and looked at his reflection in the pail of water. This time, he didn't get angry because he knew it was his reflection, thanks to Spiny's brief explanation.

Then Longneck read Zack a story, tucked him in, and went to sleep.

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