Jun 29, 2021

The Fast Car


One afternoon, Zack the zebra was going to buy a car from Animal Valley's car store.

"No," he said when he saw a blue Toyota car.

For minutes he looked for a car he liked, but he couldn't find one. Then he spotted a white car with black stripes like a zebra.

"Aha! Now this is good!" said Zack. And he drove home.

When he was back, he showed the animals of Animal Valley his new car. They were amazed!

"It's so cool!" said Zackary the zebra.

"You want to ride it?" asked Zack. "Maximum of three passengers only."

So Zack chose Skipper the penguin, Philly the Philippine crocodile, and Bengal the Bengal tiger.

Zack also placed the Chinq cup Longneck the brachiosaurus gave to him inside the car.

When they got inside, the car suddenly said, "Where to?"

"To Animal Valley's supermarket," said Zack. "I need to buy some groceries."

"All right," said the car. Just then, it drove itself at full speed!

"I'm not steering this thing!" said Zack.

"Watch out!" said Skipper.

The car accidentally bumped some animals walking across Animal Valley!

"How do I stop it?" asked Zack. "You're ruining yourself!" he screamed to the car.

"I'm just getting you to the supermarket," said the car.

The car was driving at 260 kilometers per hour!

"Watch out!" said Zack. He stepped on the break, but the car kept going anyway!

Just then, the car crashed in to Alpha the wolf and his pack! Some wolves were bleeding, but the car kept going!

Zack tried to steer, but the car acted like it had a mind of its own! It swerved right and crashed right into Pride Rock, where the lions lived!

"We're lost!" said Zack.

"We're not," said the car. "I'm taking you to the supermarket."

Bengal closed his eyes. "I can't look!"

After a few minutes of swerving, crashing, and screaming, they arrived at the supermarket.

When Zack saw the supermarket and its name, he screamed in fury!

"You were supposed to get me to the supermarket in Animal Valley, not the one in Makati, Philippines!" screamed Zack. He slapped the car again and again with his hooves!

"Okay. I'll take you to the correct supermarket," said the car.

"Okay!" said Zack. "As long as you do it."

Once they set off for the supermarket, the car was going 400 kilometers per hour!

"Not again with the fast speed!" said Zack furiously.

Skipper was unamused.

Bengal didn't even tell the car which way to go. He fell in a deep, deep sleep.

Just then, the car swerved and it was falling to a river!

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Zack screamed and the car fell down with a PLOP!

It was sinking when all of a sudden, it turned into a submarine!

"Did the car just turn into a submarine?" asked Zack. "Pretty cool."

After 45 minutes underwater, the car turned into an airplane, then turned back into a car once they were on land.

"Phew!" said Zack.

"Bengal, are you awake?" whispered Zack.

Bengal yawned. "Yes, I'm awake." He streched his paws.

Just then, the car swerved left and bumped the car nearest to it. The police tried to chase after the car, but the car just bumped the police car and the police car sank in the same river that the car fell in.

After 55 more minutes, they arrived at a mall called Starmall.

Zack furiously said to the car, "You should take me to the supermarket of Animal Valley, not to Starmall! I'll give you one more chance, and if you fail, then I'll sell you. Get me there quickly!"

Having said these words made the car feel bad. He promised to help Zack, and off they went.

The next few minutes were boring and difficult for Zack. The car swerved several times, knocked down animals several times, and bumped cars several times as well. Zack was none too pleased and was getting frustrated.

And after a few more minutes, much to Zack's surprise, he arrived at Animal Valley's supermarket!

"Finally! Thank you, car!" said Zack.

"Happy to help," said the car.

Later that night, Zack once again needed to use his new car. He need to buy medicine for a golden eagle in Animal Valley which got injured a few hours ago.

When Zack was in his car, he said to it, "Take me to Animal Valley's medicine store."

"Ok," said the car.

In a burst of speed, Zack was on his way to the medicine store.

The car went a bit faster than usual, but Zack didn't mind. He knew the car would take him to the right place this time.

After 5 minutes, Zack arrived at Animal Valley's medicine store.

"Here you are," said the car.

"Thank you, car!" said Zack. "I'll be right back."

"You're welcome," said the car in a good-natured voice.

When Zack bought the medicine, the car drove him back to Animal Valley where he lived. The line was a bit long. The medicine cost 50 pesos.

He gave the medicine to the golden eagle and it began to feel better.

From then on, the car took Zack to where he wanted to go...although it still went a little faster than usual.

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