Jul 13, 2021

The Talking Mummy


One day, Zack the zebra and the animals of Animal Valley were at an Egyptian history museum. They looked at hieroglyphics and other kinds of Egyptian history things.

Just then, they went into a room full of ten mummies in ten coffins.

"Ooh, I'm so scared," said Skipper the penguin.

"Silly Skipper!" Zack laughed. "Mummies can't talk!"

Suddenly, a mummy said, "Hi there."

"Or, maybe they do," gulped Zack. He ran for his life.

"Hold on, hold on!" the mummy said firmly. "I'm a nice mummy."

"What do you want?" asked Zack.

"I love visitors," said the mummy in a silky voice.

"Are you sure?" asked Zack with a squeak.

The mummy nodded.

"Did the mummy just...nod its head?" said Zack trembling.

"Relax," said Longneck the brachiosaurus. "I can take care of it." He pointed a gun at the mummy. The mummy got scared.

"P-please don't shoot me," stammered the mummy. "I was just trying to be kind."

"But look at what you did to Zack!" said Longneck. He pointed a foot at Zack and he was still trembling with his eyes closed.

"Who's Zack? Never heard of him," said the mummy.

"Look! He's the one I'm pointing a foot at! Look before I fall!" said Longneck as if it was urgent.

The mummy looked. Just then, it got out of its coffin and began to walk!

"Hey there," said the mummy and patted Zack on the head.

"Yuck! Blegh!" said Zack. "A mummy patting an animal? That makes no sense." He thought mummies couldn't get out of their coffin.

He yelled as loud of he could. "Mummy!"

"Shhh! Quiet! You'll wake the rest of my mummies!" the mummy whispered.

Just then, every mummy started to walk to Zack!

Zack gulped. "P-please don't hurt me!"

"Oooh! Tasty!" said the second mummy.

"I can hardly wait to taste him!" said the third mummy and they came closer and closer. And very soon Zack could feel their breath!

The fourth mummy said, "We could roast him or toast him for our bread!" They loomed closer and closer, and soon, Zack could feel their legs!

Just then, a low growl came from behind. It was a triceratops, pterodactyl, baby apatosaurus, dimetrodon, and stegosaurus.

The mummies were so terrified they ran for their lives! The fierce reptiles chased after them. Just then, a mummy pointed a gun at them.

Tailless and Tannea who were both Indian wolves suddenly charged at the mummies! Tailless took the gun away and put it in his mouth and Tannea attacked the mummies.

"Get out of here!" said the dimetrodon with a fierce kick. The mummies finally gave up and went away.

Then they found another room full of scary, talking mummies again. There were twelve mummies. Just then, they stood up, looked at Zack and said, "Ooh, zebra for a snack!"

"P-please don't eat me," begged Zack desperately. "I was j-j-j-just e-exploring this museum. D-d-d-d-d-don't eat me, please."

"Exploring?" the first mummy said.

"I'll make a deal with you. We won't eat you and you can continue your exploration through this museum," said the second mummy.

"Thank you," said Zack with a sigh of relief.

"But," the one of the mummies said, "you must give me one of your best animal friends tomorrow."

Zack was terrified. The other animals were terrified too.

"Let's fight this off!" cried Zack, drawing his sword. As the mummies moved in closer, the baby apatosaurus charged at them! The mummies tried to fight back but the baby apatosaurus was just too strong and confident.

They clattered into stuff. Zack came tumbling over. A glass of water broke which the mummies tripped over!

Just then, they heard police cars coming!

They took the mummies to prison and they were forced to stay there for 50 years.

With no more talking mummies to bother them, the Egyptian museum was safe from harm. The owner cleaned up the mess. As for the imprisoned mummies and the animals, they became good friends. The animals visited them in prison because they're the only ones not afraid to go near them.

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    Jul 18, 2021 10:00 AM

    Raygan Blakley

    It was honestly cool, not too much of spooky you know?

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