Sep 04, 2021

Zack’s Werewolf Party


One day, Zack the zebra decided to have a party for werewolves.

Zack is the king of Sunnyvale, a country in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.

Zack called his friends, whose names were Longneck the Brachiosaurus, Alpha the wolf, Tailless the wolf, Javan the tiger, and Salty the Saltwater Crocodile. Longneck is the president of Nakim, a country in South Asia.

Zack made a poster to tell all the werewolves in the area that they were invited to a party, while Javan built a large structure for the party to take place in. Salty readied the dinner plates for the party.

After Zack came back from setting up the poster, he and his friends researched about the things that werewolves would like to eat.

They decided to cook fried chicken, barbecue, pesto pasta, shrimp dumplings, clam sauce, chicken sausage, grass soup, meatballs, and acorn cake.

As Salty cooked the food, Tailless and Alpha decorated the room, while Zack and Longneck thought of several ways to make the party more exciting.

When it was 7 PM, the party began. A lot of werewolves came and were welcomed by Tailless.

Zack and Longneck had built a miniature amusement park for the werewolves! The party was a lot of fun for all the animals and werewolves.

Javan brought the food, and then he readied the drinks.

At 8:30 PM, there was a problem. There was no more food!

Javan the tiger ran off to cook more food for the party.

Javan got back with the food just in time! Meanwhile, Zack’s monkey friend, Grapes, was having trouble at the room were the werewolf pups were being kept. They were there so that they wouldn’t get lost or get in trouble while the older werewolves played in the amusement park.

More of Zack and Longneck’s friends were coming to help with the party. The werewolves ate their food so quickly that the animals decided to build a food making machine.

Many animals from Nakim arrived to help build the machine, and soon, a lot of food was coming out.

The party was peaceful until 9 PM, when the Penguin Prince attacked the area!

Zack told the werewolves to get to his castle while he and the rest of the animals fought off the invaders. Zack dodged sword after sword, arrow after arrow, but he managed to breach the enemy line.

Many animals including Seaweed the Sea Otter were injured, but the enemies were no match for the animals of Nakim and Fort of Defence.

Zack told the werewolves that the enemies were gone. All the werewolves flooded into the building and ate almost all the food. The werewolves ate and ate and drank and drank and had dessert.

At 6 AM, Zack and the rest of the animals woke up. The party building was full of food, and the werewolves were still eating! Longneck said, “The werewolves are 20 feet wide!” Zack asked, “Why are you still in the building?” A werewolf said, “ We tried to get out, but we can’t fit through the door!”

All the animals worked till 2 PM, and finally, all the werewolves got out.

As Zack and Longneck were walking to Zack’s castle, Zack said, “That was fun! Maybe we should do that every year!” Longneck said, “Nooo!”,and ran away.

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