Oct 15, 2021

The Magic Place In A City Part 1


There was a magic city name by Nola Asthoria. She was born in 11th 6011, she is turning 20 tomorrow. She is the next queen in line, she have a little sister her name is Naina Lasthoria. She is 16 and her birthday is 19th 6012. They have a father he's the king of the city he's name is Daria Ashtoria, he is 39 and sometimes he is low temper but he is still kind to other people. They lost their mother 2 years ago. She was a lovely mother and queen her name is Susi Lathiba, she love all of the people in the city even out of the city too, she give people money when they need the most. A lot of people are sad because she's gone. Nola, Naina and their father are sad too. because they lost there mother.

Her last word's where "I will see you at the and of living" when other people herd it to they start to cry, because they lost there kind queen.

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award a golden quill

Sofi Ilyas


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