Oct 15, 2021



My fictional place is in the castle because I love living in Castle. In my castle there are everything there are a bodyguard and there are soldier everywhere. In my room there are three bed and its so huge. and there are a dining room it was so huge there are outdoors and indoors everyone can pick them. and there are room for study in that room you can study in quiet place. And in my castle there are Cinema everyone is welcome there. in the cinema you can watch whatever you one. and there is a pool outside the castle to swim everyday behind the pool there is a badminton court so you can play badminton and there is a tennis court to play too. and there is a rocket to fly to the moon and a chocolate factory to eat chocolate everyday. In the game room there are a lot of game to play too. There is a science lab to study science that is for my stories today wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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award a golden quill

Dimas Danendra


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