Oct 18, 2021

Step by step instructions to Fix Sage Error 40960


Sage is an unmistakable answer for taking care of business-related exercises and concocts various elements and functionalities. Be that as it may, clients might go over various mistake codes while getting to Sage. Today, we are composing on one such blunder 'Sage Error 40960" that is identified with Sage 300 and seems in light of mistaken DNS settings.

What is Sage Error 40960?

Sage Error 40960 is identified with Sage 300 and a data set mistake generally runs over when you are neglected to associate with the data set. You first need to arrange the information base to dispose of the mistake 40960 Sage. Even in the wake of designing the information base settings, this blunder has been accounted for by numerous clients. You may likewise get a similar issue due to a mistaken server while utilizing a Data Source Name (DSN), you might encounter the Sage blunder 40960. Look at the entire post to discover fitting arrangements.

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What are the Solutions to Fix Sage Error Code 40960?

Assumingly, you have as of now introduced all the new dispatches identified with Sage 300. Since this can be the explanation for the blunder 40960. Additionally, ensure that you have signed in to the Sage 300 programming as an Admin.

Presently, go on to apply the under arrangements.

Arrangement 1: Check DNS Settings

  • Initially, dispatch the 32 bit DSN settings.
  • Then, pick the DSN by utilizing Sage 300.
  • From that point forward, click on Configure and right all DSN settings.
  • Finally, pick Save.

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Arrangement 2: Fix the Connection Issue

It very well might be seen that Sage mistake 40960 as a rule happens as a result of an association issue with the information base. There can be different security programming that might impede specific associations by means of explicit ports. In such a situation, the most ideal way of managing the issue is to incapacitate the security programming. From that point onward, you can interface with the information base.

  •  Presently, investigate the accompanying strides to dispose of association blunders.
  • Most importantly, incapacitate the firewall and check whether the Sage blunder 40960 has been fixed.
  •  On the off chance that the issue has been fixed, pick the Advanced Settings for Windows Firewall.
  •  From that point forward, pick Inbound Rules and make another standard for the port by which Sage associates with the data set.
  • Play out similar strides for Outbound Rules.
  •  At last, save the name and depiction.

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Wrapping Up!

We expect that this post contains the necessary data in regards to Sage mistake 40960. It is enthusiastically prescribed to refresh the Sage 300 preceding heading for any of the previously mentioned arrangements.

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