Nov 06, 2021

The Talking Clock


One afternoon, Zack the zebra was working in his office. He was making a “Happy Birthday” card, for it was nearly the birthday of his wolf friend, Tailless. When he was done, he put it in his card drawer and went to sleep. 

Just then, Zack heard a loud voice while he was sleeping, "Time to wake up." 

Zack woke up with a start. "Who's there?" he said. 

"Me," said the voice. 

Zack looked everywhere, and then after ten minutes, he saw who was talking. It was his clock! 

"How...what...but..." Zack stammered. "I’ve never heard you talk. How come you suddenly talked?” 

"A few years ago, when I was almost done being made, my maker went into his workshop where I was and put a talk button inside me. I turned on the button myself,” explained the clock. 

“Wow! I didn’t realize that you’re a talking clock!!” said Zack. He called Longneck the Brachiosaurus on his telephone and said, “My clock just talked!” 

"Do you want it to stop talking?" asked Longneck. 

"Yes, because I’m afraid it might disturb me while I’m at work!” said Zack, "but how do I make it stop talking?" 

"Try to slap the clock. If you have a ladder, take it out, and hit it," Longneck replied. 

"Ok," Zack said and dropped the phone. Then, he took out his long ladder and slapped the clock as hard as he could. But that didn't work. The clock just kept talking and talking. 

“It didn’t work. What else can I do?” asked Zack. “Hmmm. I know! Maybe I should take the battery out.” 

He took the clock and took the batteries out. The clock stopped talking, but it also stopped moving! 

“What should I do? This is the only clock in my house. If I take the battery and put it back in the clock, it’ll talk. But, if I take the battery out, it’ll stop working,” Zack thought. 

Zack spent minutes, pacing around, trying to come up with an idea on how to make the clock stop talking but still work. 

“I will check if I have enough money to buy a phone or an iPad. But, I can always find the date today in my quiet time notebook since I write the date today there,” said Zack to himself. “But I need to know what time it is.” 

So, Zack took out his wallet. He counted his money and found out he only had P500.37 left! 

Then, Zack decided to apologize to the clock and become kind to it. He put the batteries in the clock, apologized to it, and the clock forgave Zack. 

But, there was a problem. While Zack was asleep, a burglar sneaked into Zack’s house, as quiet as a cat, careful not to wake Zack up. The thief then carefully took the talking clock and all of Zack’s money, then went home cackling to himself. (The clock was asleep, too, but it was still working.) 

The next morning, Zack woke up to find the clock gone. 

“Oh no!” Zack cried. “Where is it? It was on the wall last night.” 

Zack looked for it everywhere in his house, but he couldn't find it. He even looked outside. No matter where he looked, he couldn’t find the clock. Just then, he spotted a trail of slipper marks. 

“Maybe that person stole my clock,” he thought and rushed off to find it.

While Zack was looking for the clock, the thief was asleep, feeling pleased with himself. 

Just then, the clock woke up with a start. “Where am I?” he asked himself. Then he saw the burglar. “What have you done to me?” the clock screamed. 

The burglar woke up with a jump. “Who said that?” 

The clock didn’t answer. 

Suddenly, Zack burst in. He grabbed the clock and raced home, but the burglar ran after him. Seconds later, he caught up with Zack but Zack kept running until he reached home. He dropped the clock and kicked the burglar in the face. Then, he dragged the burglar to jail. 

The clock was overjoyed to see Zack. The clock never got stolen again and only talked when needed. 

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    Nov 18, 2021 05:24 AM

    Devv Nandan Veeravel

    Beautiful story!!!

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