Dec 02, 2021

How did they went to the space?


Once, there was a planet named “Green Clean.” It was green and blue as the water was pure and the trees were green. There lived three friends named River, Sun and Moon. They often came to meet the river as the river’s home was on land and Sun and Moon’s home was in the sky. On Sunday they all decided to meet on the big mountain for a chit-chat party. There they all were drinking tea and eating fast food. Sun asked the River, “why don’t you come to meet us, in the sky?” The River replied, “Oh dear sun how will I fit in your home?” The sun said, “we have a big home.” The moon agreed. River said, “I will not come alone, my friends will be there.” The moon asked, “who are your friends?” The river said my friends are Octopus, jellyfish, shark and many more. There will be more than a hundred. Moon said we will make a bigger house. When the house was completed they sent an invitation card to the river. The doorbell rang. Moon and sun ran and opened the door. All the river's friends came and the house was full. The water reached till knees, then neck and then head. Then the moon and sun had to go to the roof and then space.

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