Dec 05, 2021

The weird dog rescue


Once, there lived a dong named sniffy in Canada. He looked little different from others. Very different. Everyone made fun of him and beated him. He usually sat alone in a public dustbin. Everyone thought he will die staying in a dustbin. At night a dangerous storm came and the dog flew away. No one bothered except a girl named Sara. She was a thoughtful girl and always observed sniffy. She called police for finding it but couldn't find it. She thought that she will find sniffy. One day she packed her bags and moved to another city she said, 'the storm went to that place also so maybe sniffy would be there.' In the afternoon she reached there and booked a hotel. Next day, she kept finding sniffy but couldn't find him. At night she sat on the bench and started thinking. Suddenly she heard a voice, 'don't cry Sara.' She was thrilled, she thought for a while turned her face, It was sniffy. She wondered how did he spoke. She asked, "can you say anything for me?" he replied, "of course." From that day they both started a magic show and became partners in it.

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